Onefootball Network: Messi v Ronaldo, Liverpool ecstasy’s (and agony) and Serie A’s best player

January 3, 2017 9:30 am , Share this post

By Paddy Higgs

Got a few minutes? Put your feet up, brush away the clickbait and enjoy five of the best articles around the Onefootball network this week, as selected by our own editors.

Who is Italian football’s player of the year?

It was not always been the most predictable of years for Mauro Icardi, but it at least contained plenty of goals. Despite some moments to forget, the Argentine has been judged Italian Football Daily’s player of the year. Here is why….

Mind the gap: Messi v Ronaldo

New year, same debate. This time, Grup 14 weigh in, and there can be little doubt where their loyalty lies. Biased or balanced? You be the judge.

The five breakout stars of the Bundesliga hinrunde

There have been plenty of star turns in the first half of the 2016/17 Bundesliga season but – according to Bundesliga Fanatic – these five have stood out more than most.

Reds swerve from ecstasy to agony

Ah the highs and lows of football. Beating Manchester City one day, frustrated by Sunderland the next. Anfield Index sum up Liverpool’s disappointing draw with the Black Cats, which closed a rollercoaster of a festive season to the Reds.

The top five Atlético Madrid matches of 2016

After an eventful year, AtleticoFans count down the five most memorable Atletico Madrid matches of 2016. Which game stands out above the rest?

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